An interesting option for your next book to enjoy over a cup of coffee is a book which talks all about coffee, a guidebook which features everything you need to know about our favorite drink. There are many coffee guides out there and when you are on the hunt for one of the best you should keep an eye out for one which has the most information in it such as the latest edition of the World Atlas of Coffee which is packed with fascinating information.

No matter whether you like to drink in cafes, use a Nespresso machine at home or get the moka pot out on a Sunday morning, there is something for everything in these guide books and here is what you can expect to learn about.


Guide books such as the World Atlas  go very deep into the planting, growing and cultivation of coffee beans all over the world. You will learn about differing techniques and how the climate, humidity and soil alters the flavor, texture and the composition of the bean. Each bean variety has its own distinct taste and you will learn about what creates those differences.


Places like France and Italy for example have a very rich history of drinking coffee and you will learn about the culture which surrounds cafes and coffee, and how it all came about. You will also learn a lot about the history of coffee growth and how the humble coffee bean became such a commonly bought product around the world.


On top of learning about the growth and the history of coffee you will also discover a great amount about the various ways in which coffee can be prepared, and how each technique works best. You can expect to learn about the many types of presses, moka pots, our over coffee makers and drip coffee makers as well. A good guide should have information about all types of coffee and how to make them, from creating your own espresso at home to learning how to make a cold brew coffee in a French press.


A great guide book will also go into the more barista side of things in discussing the importance of great beans, how to grind and knowing what size to grind your beans, freshness of the beans, as well as looking into which are the right vessels in which to serve the coffee, and why it makes a difference. For most who love coffee this is the aspect which they will relate to the most, and there is something in there which we can all learn a lot from.

The world of coffee is incredibly complex and truly fascinating, any great guide book should be able to teach you about every aspect of what goes into a coffee, from bean to brew and all that happens in between. The next time that you sit down with a book and a coffee, use that time to learn more about the delightful drink you have in front of you.

What a Coffee Guide Book Will Teach You