Did you take part in the 2014 Winter Olympics this year? If you were one of the millions of people who tuned in, you undoubtedly experienced the magical spirit of these Olympic Games. For two weeks, world-class athletes competed at their highest level in their sport, from downhill skiing to bobsledding, figure skating and even curling. No matter what sport you love to watch the most, you couldn’t help but be in awe of these athletes pushing themselves to their peak in front of the world. Part of the magic of the Olympics is the spirit they instill in anyone who watches. It’s almost as though you are transported right to the slopes, immersed in the thrill of the winter sports. But with the closing ceremony always comes a bittersweet ending, another Olympics come and gone. Many people feel a sense of emptiness when the Games finish. Does the magic of the winter season really have to end?

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If you’re wishing that the winter sports season could be a bigger part of your life even after the Winter Olympics are over, you’re in luck. With a new app, you can combine your work life with your passion for winter activities, in a perfectly convenient way. Don’t stay stuck in your same old office all winter, just dreaming of getting out on the slopes or the skating rink. Use this great new app that will find you a perfect remote working space in the near vicinity of an excellent ski or skating location. What could be better than shutting down your computer for the day, to go strap on your skis or lace up your skates in the afternoon?
When you go to WinterWorking.co.uk, you can search for some of the top local ski and skate locations that have remote work spaces or offices nearby, so you can finish up your day at work and head right into doing your sport. They’ve found some of the best resorts, slopes and working spaces to help your work life and play life blend seamlessly. Why should you have to choose between productivity and enjoyment? And since lots of other users contribute great spots they’ve found, you’ll always find yourself discovering great new locations to work and play. And you’ll feel supported by a community of people who have the same goals and passions. So don’t let the rest of the winter season pass you by just because the Olympics have come and gone. Use this great new app to embrace your favorite winter sports whenever you like, discover great new spots to work and play, and enjoy every last moment of the winter season.

Winter Working: Avoid the Olympic Hangover
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