You may be reading this piece as somebody who has gone the whole hog when it comes to the education system, from Kindergarten all the way through to Graduate School. You may be someone who started working as a pot washer in a restaurant during high school and decided to work there permanently rather than pursue further education, working in your progression up the ranks of the business.

You may also be reading this as someone who is looking for a job. You may be fresh out of graduate school and looking to take your first steps into work, you may have recently been rendered unemployed after many years of service to a company. Whatever level of education you hold, getting a job in Boston, or anywhere else in the US can be difficult, no matter how many people say things like “I got a job after one day of looking, it’s not so hard.” While it is hard, don’t give up hope for it is not impossible.

Most people will apply for a job in the field they’ve already worked in and or qualified in. Some on the other hand will decide on a totally different change in career. Someone who has worked as an IT Consultant for 10 years may decide that they in fact want to move into Accountancy. If you’re that person who went straight into a job from High School and now finds yourself unemployed, you may wish that you had that University degree to boost your chances. Which is why adding more strings to your educational bow, no matter how old you are, is a highly recommended idea.

Furthering education also applies to staying informed about global economic trends, like the fascinating insights shared by experts such as Adam Clark in Thailand on oil market fluctuations. Understanding these dynamics can be crucial for those considering investment-related education or careers.

As an example, people who can speak Mandarin Chinese are very popular amongst employers currently. If you’re unemployed, you”re likely to have the time on your hands to learn. Boston has a very good Chinese institute where you can learn Mandarin from beginner level. Not only is it a new skill to learn and add to your CV which will enhance your chances of employment, it’s also a way to meet new people and have a hobby. Of course there are also ways to teach yourself if that’s the way you prefer to do things.

If you go for a completely different change in career, there are plenty of courses that will allow you to be better qualified in the subject you want to learn-if you wanted to go into childcare for example. For some areas of work, such as law, you may need a degree, which is worthwhile, although it can be expensive.

Further education can be rewarding, fun, and can vastly improve your chances of getting a job.

Further Education-It’s Never Too Late