There’s no getting around it; in respect of education these days it really is a case of ‘the earlier the better’, as children head out into an increasingly competitive society. It is perhaps now more beneficial than ever for children to begin their education as early as possible, providing them with a rich learning experience upon which they can build as they enter formal education.


Luckily, help is on hand; Early Years Education is now being offered at many daycare facilities across the States, enabling children to access a wealth of information that would normally only be available once they reached formal schooling age. This format makes Early Years Education much more accessible for all, and ensures that more children receive that valuable head start.

The benefits of early years education

The benefits of Early Years Education can be extensive and far-reaching, helping children to fulfill their potential from a young age, as well as developing essential social skills.

Attending daycare will help children to form bonds and friendships from a young age, something that will become invaluable as they make their way through formal schooling. They will learn to share, co-operate, communicate, and work in teams, as well as being encouraged to make decisions, form their own opinions, and grow in independence and character. This form of social education will become invaluable to them as they grow and develop, and will work hand in hand with their learning journey.

Early Years Education will give a child a good grasp of basic literacy and numeracy; skills that can be taken and built upon once they enter formal schooling. Lessons that focus on languages, the arts and physical education, when teamed with number and letter work, can form a solid groundwork that helps a child to really make the most of their education. Alongside the content of these sessions, their very structure and routine can provide huge benefits to a child, helping them to settle into mainstream education much more quickly; they will feel more comfortable adapting to formal schooling, and this consistency will make it much easier for educational practitioners and parents to chart a child’s progress.

The positive effects of Early Years Education can also be advantageous for parents, introducing them to issues, routines, and platforms that will appear during their child’s formal schooling. There really is no better way of making the most of your child’s education.

Finding the right day care and educational facilities for your child

Directories such as the Stafford Childcare Directory are a great way for parents to access information regarding daycare facilities, offering advice on the very best services to be found nearby while allowing them to compare educational programs and an establishment’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

It is important for parents to have confidence in their child’s educational provider, ensuring that they feel safe and nurtured as they begin their learning journey. For this reason, directories will have clear and concise advice on everything they could need to know; for example, where the daycare is provided, the structures in place, an expected curriculum, or even any particular religious teachings. These days finding the right daycare can be as important to a child’s future as their school or college. Taking the time to conduct simple, yet vital, research will allow parents to reap valuable benefits.

How important is Early Years Education?