For many people my age, Facebook was the first social media platform they signed up to. It was mind blowing when I first logged in and saw all the possibilities, being able to share my travel photos with the world instantly left me with a big beaming smile!

I was reminiscing with Paul Hurdsfield yesterday about how Facebook has changed the way we interact with our mates, share our experiences with the world and stay in touch with family no matter where we are on the planet.

Everyone Uses It

Around the world there are hundreds of millions of people who use Facebook each and everyday, if you sit on the tube or bus you only have to glance left or right and you will see someone scrolling through their news feed. When you’re travelling you’ll see fellow travellers posting photos or using the chat feature to call home. I have noticed when I go to developing countries with Paul Hurdsfield and friends that Facebook is the number social media platform people are using.

Over the years I have noticed how more parents and grandparents have signed up to Facebook. If my mum and dad use it then that goes to show how far reaching it’s user base is!


There are plenty of groups that everyone can join in Facebook. You can join those with similar interests, causes or because you live in the same area. In an age where people struggle to find a sense of community Facebook offers a solution. It can be something simple like asking a question in a local group for advice about where to buy a certain item or to find a trusted tradesman. I know I have used many expat groups during my travels, the advice I have been given has been invaluable.

Easy To Use

Facebook has always been super simple to use. As I mentioned above, my mum and dad use Facebook and the reason for that is because they find it so easy to use. If I showed them Instagram they’d give up in a second because that’s for the younger generation. I find it difficult to see how the platform can be made more user friendly, posting pictures, status updates, joining groups and using the chat feature can be done by anyone with a basic level of tech understanding.

Facebook is still number 1